Immediately after World War II Swan View was mainly a primary producing area, with vineyards, small farms and little in the way of suburban housing.


In 1946 a number of residents in the district felt that it would be a good idea to promote an event that could bring people together in a social atmosphere. It was decided that a flower show could be presented. A committee was formed and a very successful show resulted. In 1947 following another popular flower event, it was agreed that the format should be developed as an agricultural show. A new committee was formed and the Swan View Agricultural & Arts Society was founded.


The first Swan View Show was held in 1948 at Brown Park, with Edgar Hore, President, Dick Stevenson, Secretary and Eric Leighton, Treasurer. All indoor exhibits were displayed in the original wooden hall, which existed until recently. Timber structures were set up and covered by tarpaulins hired from the Western Australian Government Railways Midland workshops to provide shelter for other attractions outdoors.


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